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Street Profile Registration


Thank you for participating in street design challenge 2024, remember that to consider the profile of your street it is necessary that you have previously registered your city, if you have not yet registered, you can do it in the following link -> "City Registration".

In order to consider your street profile, it is necessary that you send in a single email to the following information:

1.- information (body of the email)
2.-pdf with street profile (annex 1)
3.-cad plans (annex 2)

*see the content below.

Remember that this information must be sent by September 6th, 2024




Attach a file, preferably in CAD format, with the general measurements of the street or other references to be considered. It is recommended that the measurements be represented in altimetry (section) and planimetry (plan view).

In the body of the email only write the personal data of the representative of the city or focal point (it is with this person that we will be in contact in case there is any doubt about the street profile).

1.1. Full name of Representative or Focal Point
1.2. City he/she represents
1.3. E-mail address
1.4. Contact number, preferably using WhatsApp.


Attach a single file in .PDF format containing the following information:


2.1. Climate and vegetation profile.

2.2. Name and location, providing a link for a map or coordinates.

2.3. The portion of the street* that will be considered, e.g., section beginning on X Street and ending at Y Street.

*The length of the portion of the street to be intervened should not be over 100 meters (328 ft) long. We understand and appreciate the diversity of urban typologies so the width of the street will not be limited.

2.4. Vocation of the street, or how the street is used and how it relates to the rest of the city.

2.5. Elements that are present on the street, such as bus lanes, sidewalks, etc.

2.6. Allowed land uses (residential, commerce, other infrastructure).

2.7. Pictures.

2.8.  A recorded presentation from a city expert detailing the street’s specific characteristics, current situation and any other information that might help the teams to develop a strong proposal. (Should not exceed 30 minutes).

2.9. Any other document that can help the team understand the street you selected.

**The video presentation and supporting materials must present the current situation, but also provide general details about the surrounding environment, maybe even touching upon traits or traditions of their people, the city’s annual budget, etc.

· This presentation does not need to be fancy. You can set up a meeting using Zoom or another similar software and record the expert’s voice explaining the street while presenting slides to illustrate it.

· If possible, share the name and small bio of the expert responsible for the explanation and who came up with the research for the Street Profile.


 This information will allow participants to have a context as accurate as possible to reality in order to obtain better grounded projects in this third edition of the Street Design International Challenge.

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