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The XVII Annual UCCN Querétaro Conference will initiate a dialogue on emerging trends and future innovations that will shape the trajectory of creativity and sustainable development in the coming years.

With the participation of renowned thought leaders and influencers, the conference will serve as a hub to explore the transformative power of creativity in various sectors, from arts and design to technology and education.


Communities as heroic protagonists of

urban transformation


This theme encourages creative cities from around the world to showcase their innovative initiatives that harness sharing as a transformative force for positive change. From collaborative innovation hubs to community-led cultural preservation efforts, sharing inspires interdisciplinary solutions that fuel vibrant urban ecosystems.

"Sharing Cities" embodies the founding principles of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, uniting cities in their commitment to harness culture and creativity for the betterment of society. Converging on Querétaro, the Creative Cities will collectively explore how the spirit of sharing can transform our urban environments, improve the quality of life for citizens, and shape sustainable urban futures.

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The postulation for the "VXII annual conference of creative cities 2025" has been made with the support of:

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